Massive Fire Guts Businesses In A Small Shopping Centre In Petrie

A massive and devastating fire broke out overnight at a small shopping centre in Petrie, damaging as many as 10 businesses and prompting a criminal investigation by local authorities.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Whiskey Mike Photography

The blaze began around 12:30 am on Monday on the corner of Beeville and Frenchs Roads. An IGA supermarket, bakery, and seafood takeaway shop sustained major damage, with seven other surrounding businesses impacted by smoke.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Whiskey Mike Photography

Joseph Bijumon, owner of the French’s Forest IGA, was preparing for what is typically one of the busiest days of the year on the public holiday. But his busiest plans went up in smoke as the fire raged through his fully-stocked supermarket.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Whiskey Mike Photography

“This morning I got a security call and my cameras, they are always watching the temperatures of the fridges and freezer temperatures went up and they called me,” Bijumon recounted. He arrived to find police and fire crews outside trying to extinguish the flames.

With power cut to the entire precinct, Bijumon was forced to discard all frozen, refrigerated, and meat products from his ravaged store. “I’m okay, a bit upset, I was working hard last week for today only and the shop is fully stocked.

“There is no power at all, all my meat everything is gone.”

Fourteen fire crews managed to extinguish the flames within two hours, though the damage had been done. A spokeswoman for the impacted Bazza’s Bakehouse said the family business was devastated by the incident.

Photo Credit: Facebook / John Summerhayes

Nearby resident David Nicholson witnessed the fire’s escalation. “It gradually started spreading sideways … I think it started at the fish and chip shop and spread across to the bakehouse and onto the IGA.”

Queensland police have declared the site a crime scene as investigations continue into the cause of the destructive blaze that has left the Petrie community reeling. As Nicholson said, “People will be disappointed they can’t get their pies today.”

Published 6-May-2024

Proposed Moreton Bay Indoor Sport Centre in Petrie to Proceed for the Olympics

Following a comprehensive review of the Olympic venues, it has been recommended that the new Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre at The Mill in Petrie should proceed with construction.

According to the review panel, there is a demonstrated need for an indoor sports centre to serve the northern Brisbane community based on resident demand.

Thus, establishing a community and high-performance para-sport facility is deemed crucial for creating a lasting legacy both leading up to and following the Games.

“Proceed with the Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre project and increase the size of the centre to allow for greater crowd capacity and increase flexibility of sports that could be allocated for the Games and attracting future events to the venue,” the panel stated.

Set to become a significant addition to the region’s sporting infrastructure, the centre will offer nine courts, supporting amenities, and functional spaces catering to various indoor sports and community events. It is part of a broader initiative to address the deficiency in community indoor courts across South East Queensland. 

Once home to the Petrie Paper Mill, the site is now slated to become Moreton Bay’s Olympic Park. It will feature a purpose-built indoor stadium with at least 7,000 seats for hosting Olympic boxing events in 2032 and beyond.

Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre
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The project has received favourable recommendations and is proceeding with further investigations to increase the venue’s size. A Project Validation Report is underway to ensure the centre’s thriving design and functionality implementation.

Mayor Peter Flannery envisions the facility as a venue for the 2032 Olympics and a long-term asset for the region. Post-Olympics, the centre will continue to host major sporting events, concerts, and community gatherings, ensuring the enduring legacy of the Olympic spirit in Moreton Bay. 

Situated within The Mill, a 65-hectare mixed-use space, the centre aligns with the council’s vision to transform the area into a cultural hub supporting various community activities.

Formerly the site of the Petrie Paper Mill, this site has undergone significant redevelopment since its acquisition by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2015. With the establishment of USC Moreton Bay and the opening of a multi-million-dollar water park, the area has already begun to flourish. The addition of the Olympic Park further solidifies The Mill’s role as a focal point for community engagement and economic growth.

The announcement of the Olympics is anticipated to spur the development of supporting infrastructure, including roads and public transport, to accommodate the region’s growing population and enhance connectivity.

Published 25-March-2024

Empowering Individuals with Disabilities: New Home Construction Underway in Petrie

A new residence, currently under construction in Petrie, aims to enhance the quality of life of four individuals with disabilities. This project, led by the Endeavour Foundation, is designed to adhere to the national Livable Housing Design guidelines’ platinum standard, ensuring a space that caters to their unique needs.

Amelia Salmon, the Head of Property Development at the Endeavour Foundation, states that this initiative is part of the foundation’s ongoing My Home My Life program, launched in 2020. 

Since its inception, the program has allocated over $30 million towards the construction and renovation of more than 60 residential properties, including houses, townhouses, and duplexes, benefiting more than 500 individuals with disabilities.

What sets this project apart is the contribution of a generous family who donated the land upon which the Petrie home is being built.

The Petrie home, expected to be completed by the middle of the year, will feature four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Its design ensures accessibility for individuals with varying abilities, including those who rely on electric or manual wheelchairs. Additionally, it will offer essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, high-speed internet, and an open-plan kitchen with side-opening ovens and electric height-adjustable benchtops. Safety measures include fire sprinklers to provide residents with sufficient time to evacuate during emergencies.

Petrie, Endeavour Foundation, My Home My Life
Photo Credit: Endeavour Foundation

The My Home My Life program is centred around fostering independence while providing on-site support. While most furnishings will be supplied by the Endeavour Foundation, residents are encouraged to bring their personal belongings to make the space their own.

The selection of residents for the Petrie home will be determined through an expressions of interest process. 

To learn more about the Supported Independent Living home at Petrie or to lodge an expression of interest, please visit the provided link. The Endeavour Foundation’s mission is to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Published 12-Jan-2023

New Plans for Petrie’s Old Village Motors Transformation Unveiled

Plans to redevelop the old Village Motors car yard on Anzac Ave in Petrie have been submitted to the Moreton Bay Council as part of a massive CBD development and expansion of the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). The proposed new building could soon be the home of incoming USC students, as well as a leisure spot for local residents.

The complex from Longfield Land Company Pty Ltd will stand on 1059 Anzac Ave and will include a 160-room student tower. The residential site will also have rows of shops and restaurants, healthcare center, gym, tavern, some offices and a Woolworths supermarket.

The developer plans to include a pedestrian connection from this building to the proposed USC Moreton Bay campus extension. Additionally, the complex development will also have landscaping, street frontages and better access to Anzac Ave. 

Photo Credit: PDOnline/Moreton Bay Council

Photo Credit: PDOnline/Moreton Bay Council

Colbury Pty Ltd, who owns the Village Motors land, gave their consent to develop the site in May 2019. 

“The development supports student living, with easy access to the on-site supermarket, cafe, tavern, gym, medical practitioners and retail shops and in proximity to existing shops, restaurants and services within the surrounding area,” the development application underscored. 

The Council, however, is still awaiting a reply from the developer with regards to some issues with the development application and they have until the end of September 2020 to address the concerns. 

July’s Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Best Viewed at Lake Samsonvale in Petrie

A wonderful display of the Earth’s natural beauty is happening this July in Brisbane, when the Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower is at its peak activity. Locals living in Petrie or the North Lakes are lucky to be close to the best site for viewing this phenomenon without using a telescope or binoculars.

If you’d like to go stargazing and witness stars falling from the sky at 20 to 30 bursts per minute, then pack a picnic basket and some blankets, and wear thick comfortable clothes when you head to Lake Samsonvale on Sunday, the 28th of July. 

Perhaps set a romantic date with a loved one, or bring along family members or friends for an educational trip at this site around 10:00 p.m. Don’t leave until just before 3:24 a.m. on Monday, the 29th of July.

Astronomers say that peak activity of the Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower is more visible from late night until dawn the next day. Look up and keep your eyes peeled on the night sky as the whole thing can be over in 20 minutes. 

What is the Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower?

The Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower appears in the sky from July to August every year. The shooting stars come from the constellation Aquarius, specifically from the star Delta Aquarii, which is situated in the southern section and thus it’s most visible from the Southern Hemisphere. 

Generally, meteor showers are dust particles and burning debris from a passing star that trail the Earth’s atmosphere at a fast rate of 10 to 70 kilometres per second. Thus, these look like flashes of light up in the s

Where in Lake Samsonvale? 

The picturesque Lake Samsonvale has a playground and picnic area, with barbecue and toilet amenities by the McGavin View on Vores Road and the Bullocky Rest on Forgan Road. If you’re planning to camp out overnight to view the meteor shower, you can secure a permit from Seqwater by emailing 

Photo Credit: Seqwater