$3 Million Wildlife Hospital Construction Project in Dakabin Addresses Urgent Wildlife Care Needs

To safeguard the region’s unique biodiversity and provide crucial care to native wildlife, a substantial parcel of land in Dakabin has been established for a dedicated wildlife hospital. 

The move comes as a response to the escalating impacts of human population growth on local ecosystems and the urgent need for a specialised care centre for injured and sick animals. The initiative is being spearheaded by the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital Foundation, which has already secured $1.5 million for the construction of the facility. 

A comprehensive business case has been meticulously prepared and submitted to the State Government, underlining the pressing requirement for such a facility in the region.

Presently, the absence of a dedicated wildlife hospital, between the RSPCA facility at Wacol and Australia Zoo at Beerwah, has resulted in animals having to endure up to two hours of travel time to receive critical medical care. Mayor Peter Flannery expressed deep concern over this situation, highlighting that Moreton Bay is the primary source of admissions for injured koalas to both RSPCA Wacol and Australia Zoo.

Mayor Flannery underscored the community’s obligation to protect native wildlife and emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to conservation. 

“Council is as serious about providing housing and infrastructure to accommodate a booming human population, as we are about the need to support our wildlife and wildlife carers,” he said.

He further urged the State Government to provide sustained funding to wildlife rescuers and carers in addition to the efforts being made to map koala habitats.

“This is a moment for tangible action rather than rhetoric. Protecting our natural assets requires financial commitment.”

The Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital Foundation, driven by a group of dedicated volunteers, has worked diligently to raise the necessary funds for the facility. Council’s provision of the land for the hospital serves as a crucial milestone in their journey to establish this vital institution. 

The hospital’s establishment will considerably reduce travel times for injured animals, enhancing their survival rates while alleviating pressure on carers and rescuers grappling with rising costs. Furthermore, the initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the mental health of those on the front lines of wildlife rescue.

Christine West, a representative from the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital, expressed gratitude for the council’s support, calling it a significant step toward providing essential care and rehabilitation for injured wildlife. West emphasized the hospital’s role in ensuring a brighter future for the region’s diverse fauna.

With the establishment of the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital on the horizon, the region is taking a significant stride toward safeguarding its wildlife and nurturing a sustainable coexistence between humans and the diverse fauna that call Moreton Bay home.

Published 29-Aug-2023

Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct Construction to Commence, Provide More Job Opportunities

An expansive boutique village and retail destination will soon be available to Dakabin locals, as the construction of the Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct prepares to commence construction.

The Comiskey Group has major plans to transform 3.75 hectares of land along Alma and Old Gympie roads into a shopping centre. Along with heaps of new stores and cafes, the shopping area will also have a gym, a Guzman Y Gomez outlet, a KFC drive-thru, and a Night Owl store with a service station. 

On the other hand, the hotel will have something for every resident, including the children. It will feature a restaurant and bar, gaming room for the adults, playground and outdoor area for the children. 

“We are focusing on the food, looking to support locally grown produce where possible and deliver the unexpected to diners. It’s going to be a unique hotel in offering and design, we’re meeting with architects to ensure it makes a statement,” Director Rob Comiskey said.

Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct
Photo Credit: Comiskey Group

Construction is expected to start in early 2023, boosting employment opportunities in the area. 

“Dakabin Hotel itself will employ over 50 staff across both full-time and casual positions, and the overall centre should see 250 job opportunities,” Mr Comiskey said.

The Comiskey Group had been keen on acquiring the property as it’s a corner land on two major roads leading to North Lakes. 

“The high-volume location is a convenient place for the community to come, allowing for great exposure of our tenants. We are always on the hunt for opportunities in high growth areas and this was definitely one we couldn’t let pass us by,” Mr Comiskey said.

Multimillion-Dollar Hotel and Shopping Centre with Servo to Rise in Old Gympie Road, Dakabin

A multimillion-dollar hotel and shopping centre with a service station could rise on a private lot, currently occupied by a house and some sheds, on Old Gympie Road in Dakabin if plans for the development receive approval.

Spearheaded by the Comiskey Group, the 37,490-square metre site has been on the radar of the company’s director, Rob Comiskey, for at least a decade. The Comiskey Group has been operating the Eatons Hill Hotel and was behind the transformation of the Burpengary Club and Station Village as a retail precinct. 

Mr Comiskey said that putting up a hotel at the Dakabin property was an easy choice given the growth of the suburb connecting to North Lakes in recent years. Also, with the closest sports and leisure hub over at North Lakes, there haven’t been many choices for Dakabin residents to dine out or shop.

The plan is to facilitate the development in five stages to create a hotel with a licensed tavern (2,000sqm), a service station (200sqm), at least two stand-alone food and drink outlets (200sqm each), and retail/commercial tenancies (1,320sqm). Potential for future developments has also been earmarked for the property, which is within an industrial zone. 

Photo Credit: DA/Moreton Bay Council

Some 327 parking spaces have been planned out for the development as well, with pedestrian access and multiple entrances. 

“The architectural design of the development has been formulated in response to the location of the site, with an emphasis on the hotel use activating the intersection of Old Gympie Road and Alma Road, with the service station and food outlet uses located further along Old Gympie Road behind the hotel,” IB Town Planning stated in the development application (DA/2021/3278).

“Given the nature of the use, the proposal seeks to create a modern and simple building design that is integrated with the road frontages. The proposed building areas maintain a low site coverage that is complemented by landscaping.”

Photo Credit: DA/Moreton Bay Council

More than 100 jobs will be opened for the hotel operations alone, which will also include function rooms, gaming areas, and good use of the outdoor spaces. 

Mr Comiskey said that they have received interest from shop owners who could become the tenants, ranging from healthcare services, veterinary services, and a gym operator. There are no plans to house a supermarket since Woolworths is within the precinct. 

If approved, construction may begin in 2023 but as the project is impact assessable, members of the community may submit their approval or objection via the development application tracker. Public notification is until 7 Nov 2021.

Dakabin Chef Shifts Gears to Become a Home Economics Teacher

Rose Gray, a Dakabin-based veteran chef and a proud mother, is the recipient of a $5,000 scholarship from the King and Amy O’Malley Trust. Working as a teacher’s aide as she studies at CQUniversity, Mrs. Gray aspires to use her expertise to become a teacher. 

Having been in the culinary industry for 15 years, Mrs Gray is in the midst of retraining to become a teacher thanks to a special $5000 scholarship granted to her by the King and Amy O’Malley Trust. Currently, she resides in Dakabin, and is in her third year of her Bachelor of Education at CQUniversity.

Inspired by her husband’s journey to become a chef, her teachers, and the fact that two of her children have disabilities, Mrs Gray aims to use the training and expertise she’d accumulated over the years to further her educational career. 

With her skills in the kitchen, in tandem with her experience as a teacher’s aide, Mrs Gray has been making steady progress towards becoming a Home Economics and Psychology teacher. 

One of the primary reasons Mrs. Gray aims to teach Home Economics is because she wishes to teach a new generation of children all about inclusivity, which, in her words, is “…all about understanding people’s needs and addressing those needs”. 

Currently, CQUniversity is the only university in all of Queensland that offers Home Economics as a holistic academic discipline. As a mother of two children with disabilities, Mrs. Gray believes Home Economics is essential for imparting the knowledge necessary to promote inclusion. 

Important life skills can be taught in a fun and productive manner while simultaneously teaching children not to discriminate against people regardless of gender, learning ability, age, or culture.

One of the members of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Home Economics, Dr Deagon, claims that people like Mrs. Gray are “…very important to the profession” as passionate teachers are essential with a subject about life skills.

Though she hasn’t become a teacher yet, she is well on the way to being one. She is currently working as a teacher’s aide and simultaneously committing to her studies as a student, all whilst balancing her work with her duties as a mother. 

“I always get through a term and go wow, I can’t believe I managed to fit all of that in,” says Mrs. Gray. 

Indeed, it’s only a matter of time until Rose Gray becomes one of the brightest, skilled, and most passionate teachers in not just Dakabin, but possibly all of Queensland.

Updates on 3 New Shopping Centre Development Near North Lakes

North Brisbane is bustling with a trio of shopping centre developments. The significant commercial sites to watch out for are in the North Lakes area — the Dakabin Shopping Centre, Kallangur’s Murrumba Village complex and the Narangba Heights Shopping Centre.


Woolworths Dakabin is set to open Stage One on 19 Aug. 2020. The 3,300 sqm site’s specialty stores, as well as a child care centre, a service station, and health service shops, are set for Stage Two of the opening in October. 

The commercial centre is conveniently accessible via train stations within the 5 km radius: Dakabin station, Narangba station (3.6 km), Kallangur station (3.9 km), Murrumba Downs station (4 km), and the Petrie station (4.5 km). It’s also accessible to the North Lakes community via the M1 motorway. 


Moreton Bay Council approved the development of a shopping village in Kallangur in 2019. Construction will officially begin for a Fresh and Save supermarket in September 2020.  

The supermarket is just one part of the massive commercial and residential development in the areas around Anzac Ave, Brays Road and Cecily St. The plan is to develop a Murrumba Village complex that will also include a health and medical precinct, child care facility, playground, and heaps of retail shops and restaurants. 

These sites have target opening dates for October 2021 but the childcare facility might be ready by July next year. 

Photo Credit: PD Online/Moreton Bay Council

Photo Credit: PD Online/Moreton Bay Council

Aside from Fresh and Save, other confirmed tenancy include Palace Kebabs, On A Roll, SG Cafe, and Liquorland. Also moving in are a laundromat, barbershop and salon, and a pick-up centre for the Australian Post. The shopping complex will replace the Tulip Town shopping centre demolished in 2003. 

This development comes on the heels of the completion of Stage 1 of a townhouse complex development, which has reportedly sold out. 


Earthworks at the site of the Narangba Heights Shopping Centre was completed in May and residents are likely seeing the first level construction of the new site. Located around the corner of Sovereign Drv and Oakey Flat Rd, this centre will have Coles supermarket aside from restaurants and retail stores. Oxmar Properties is in the process of locking in tenants.

Photo Credit: Narangba Heights Shopping Centre/Facebook

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Dakabin and Caboolture Treasure Markets Extend Hours in 3-Month Trial

In response to overwhelming public clamour, the Dakabin and Caboolture Treasure Markets will have longer hours of operation in a three-month trial.

This should give locals longer hours to shop for pre-loved goods at a bargain price.

The trial run is from Tuesday 18 September 2018 up to Saturday 15 December 2018. Should the trial be successful, the extended operating hours will continue.

“The Treasure markets have been incredibly popular and we keep hearing that people want to be able to shop here more than just the current Friday and Saturday openings,’ said Spokesperson for Asset Construction & Maintenance Cr Adam Hain.

New Operating Hours

During the trial run, the opening hours of the Treasure Markets will be:

  • Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 2.00p.m.
  • Monday: Closed
  • Closed on Good Friday, Anzac Day & Christmas Day

Division 7 Councillor Denise Sims believes the extended hours will give added convenience to local residents wishing to make a visit to the tip shop.

Dakabin Caboolture Treasure Markets
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

“We want people reusing and recycling as much as they can and this message is being embraced more and more in our community,” she said.

“With more options now to visit the Dakabin and Caboolture Treasure Markets, we hope to see more people coming along and seeing what trinkets they can pick up at a bargain.”

Waste Recycling and Reuse

The Dakabin and Caboolture Treasure Markets are an initiative by the Moreton Bay Regional Council to better manage waste disposal. First started 16 years ago, these tip shops have become widely popular among locals.

Dakabin Caboolture Treasure Markets
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

At the Treasure Markets, locals can find pre-loved items such as toys, decorative items, books and music. Shoppers can also find furniture items perfect for a DIY project.

Not only are residents saving money when they shop at the tip shops, but they also help provide employment at the Treasure Markets. More importantly, locals get to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

The Treasure Markets are located at the following waste management facilities:

Dakabin waste management facility – 336 Old Gympie Road, Dakabin (700m north of Alma Road intersection)

Caboolture waste management facility – 51 McNaught Road, Caboolture (via Pasturage Road, off Bribie Island Road)

Visit the Dakabin and Caboolture waste management facility websites to know what items can be donated.