Deception Bay, Moreton Bay Homes Face Land Value Surge Amid Migration Boom

The median land value in Deception Bay has soared by 60.4 per cent, with nearby areas like North Lakes and Burpengary also experiencing significant increases, with nearby areas like North Lakes and Burpengary also experiencing significant increases, as part of a wider trend affecting over 675,000 properties across Queensland due to heightened migration and demand.

The 2024 valuation cycle unveils a substantial rise in land values across Queensland, impacting around 675,000 properties in 20 local government areas. This adjustment, triggered by migration and demand spikes, has seen homeowners across regions like Deception Bay, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast brace for possible rate and tax hikes.

Detailed Regional Impact

Deception Bay witnessed a remarkable jump, with median land values climbing by 60.4 per cent, affecting 6,011 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $227,500 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $365,000

North Lakes saw a 29.9 per cent increase in median land values, impacting 6,805 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $335,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $435,000

Burpengary reported a 35.3 per cent rise, with 3,630 properties affected. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $255,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $365,000

Burpengary East experienced a 37.8 per cent increase, affecting 1,837 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $225,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $310,000

Narangba observed a 32.1 per cent surge in median land values, with 6,739 properties impacted. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $280,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $370,000

Rothwell saw a 25.8 per cent rise, affecting 2,249 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $310,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $390,000

These figures underscore the widespread nature of the land value increase phenomenon, particularly pronounced in areas surrounding Deception Bay.

North Lakes
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Valuer-General Insights

Valuer-General Laura Dietrich highlights the significant drivers behind these valuation increases: robust population growth and infrastructure development, particularly in areas like Moreton Bay and Gold Coast. 

Despite potential concerns over rising rates and taxes, Dietrich reassures that councils consider various factors when setting rates, underlining the multifaceted approach to valuation and taxation.

With the new valuations set to effect on June 30, 2024, the Queensland government’s upcoming decisions on proposed changes to valuation laws are eagerly anticipated. 

Amid warnings from the property sector about potential rate and tax increases, the community and industry stakeholders are keenly awaiting the Resources Minister Scott Stewart’s announcement, hoping for measures to mitigate the impact on homeowners, especially in rapidly appreciating areas like Deception Bay and its surrounds.

Published 3-April-2024

Narangba Koala Stops Traffic, Man’s Patient Gestures Save the Day

A koala brought traffic to a standstill one afternoon during the school pick-up rush in Narangba recently. The marsupial had wandered onto Boundary Road and plopped itself down on the asphalt, refusing to budge despite cars lining up in both directions.

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With dozens of drivers stuck and growing frustrated, one young man decided to take matters into his own hands. Barefoot and springing into action from his nearby ute, he approached the koala cautiously and tried gesturing for it to leave the road. Initially his efforts were unsuccessful as the apparently terrified animal stayed put.

But the Good Samaritan didn’t give up. He continued encouraging the koala from a safe distance until finally, after many attempts, the marsupial made its way off the busy street to safety on the roadside. His perseverance paid off and prevented what could have been a tragic situation.

Photo credit: Valeriia Miller/Pexels

One of the backed-up drivers told reporters the koala was “very lucky” not to have been struck by a vehicle given the heavy traffic at the time.

Koalas finding themselves in precarious situations on roads and in populated areas is not unheard of in the region. Just last month, another of the tree-dwelling marsupials was spotted sitting in Logan, requiring a brave passerby to physically remove it from harm’s way.

Photo credit: Valeriia Miller/Pexels

They are known for living in trees, but koalas actually spend a good amount of time traveling on the ground. Though these tree-dwelling animals sleep for over 20 hours a day in the branches, they have to come down to the ground and walk when moving between trees since they can’t swing through the treetops like monkeys.

Whilst their adventures sometimes make for amusing viral videos, experts warn that hectic development has put koala populations at risk as their habitats shrink. Simple acts of compassion like this young man’s can go a long way in preserving the iconic species for future generations.

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Published 29-March-2024

Proposed Moreton Bay Indoor Sport Centre in Petrie to Proceed for the Olympics

Following a comprehensive review of the Olympic venues, it has been recommended that the new Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre at The Mill in Petrie should proceed with construction.

According to the review panel, there is a demonstrated need for an indoor sports centre to serve the northern Brisbane community based on resident demand.

Thus, establishing a community and high-performance para-sport facility is deemed crucial for creating a lasting legacy both leading up to and following the Games.

“Proceed with the Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre project and increase the size of the centre to allow for greater crowd capacity and increase flexibility of sports that could be allocated for the Games and attracting future events to the venue,” the panel stated.

Set to become a significant addition to the region’s sporting infrastructure, the centre will offer nine courts, supporting amenities, and functional spaces catering to various indoor sports and community events. It is part of a broader initiative to address the deficiency in community indoor courts across South East Queensland. 

Once home to the Petrie Paper Mill, the site is now slated to become Moreton Bay’s Olympic Park. It will feature a purpose-built indoor stadium with at least 7,000 seats for hosting Olympic boxing events in 2032 and beyond.

Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre
Photo Credit:

The project has received favourable recommendations and is proceeding with further investigations to increase the venue’s size. A Project Validation Report is underway to ensure the centre’s thriving design and functionality implementation.

Mayor Peter Flannery envisions the facility as a venue for the 2032 Olympics and a long-term asset for the region. Post-Olympics, the centre will continue to host major sporting events, concerts, and community gatherings, ensuring the enduring legacy of the Olympic spirit in Moreton Bay. 

Situated within The Mill, a 65-hectare mixed-use space, the centre aligns with the council’s vision to transform the area into a cultural hub supporting various community activities.

Formerly the site of the Petrie Paper Mill, this site has undergone significant redevelopment since its acquisition by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2015. With the establishment of USC Moreton Bay and the opening of a multi-million-dollar water park, the area has already begun to flourish. The addition of the Olympic Park further solidifies The Mill’s role as a focal point for community engagement and economic growth.

The announcement of the Olympics is anticipated to spur the development of supporting infrastructure, including roads and public transport, to accommodate the region’s growing population and enhance connectivity.

Published 25-March-2024

Closed for Good: Blue Diamond Hair Co Shutters North Lakes, Other Brisbane Locations

Blue Diamond Hair Co, a salon with locations in Brisbane including one in North Lakes, has abruptly closed its doors, leaving customers in the lurch. 

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The business, which branded itself as “redefining luxury,” first opened at Logan Hyperdome in 2021 and expanded to the Westfield Garden City and Westfield North Lakes in 2022. 

Blue Diamond offered not just hair services but also spray tanning, beauty treatments, and even teeth whitening. However, both the North Lakes and Garden City salons closed in January 2024 without any notice to customers. The closures extended to the other Brisbane locations as well, with the Logan Hyperdome salon’s final day being February 21.

Photo credit: Blue Diamond Hair Co/Facebook 

The shutdown was a surprise to loyal customers, some of whom had deposits with the North Lakes salon. One frustrated regular said so many people have paid a deposit and it isn’t being returned.

Another customer had just begun looking into Blue Diamond’s services, booking her first appointment last month complete with an online deposit. However, she got a text that the booking was cancelled, but they wouldn’t answer any calls or emails. She explained that she had no response at all from the owners.

Photo credit: Si Vi/Google Maps 

Whilst the North Lakes shopping centre has acknowledged Blue Diamond’s departure, they claim to have been given no reason for why the tenants vacated. The company’s website remains active, but their social media pages are silent on the closures. However, the business is listed as “permanently closed” on Google.

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As news of the shutdown spreads, more and more customers with unused deposits and pre-paid packages are realising they may never get refunded by the Blue Diamond Hair Co business they once frequented.

Published 14-March-2024

$3.1 Billion Housing Plan Unveiled, Mango Hill Integral to Key Initiative

A landmark $3.1-billion housing initiative has been unveiled, encompassing Mango Hill as one of the prominent places to figure into this strategy to address the housing shortage and enhance affordability.

The Homes for Queenslanders package covers various strategies, including leasing public land to developers and piloting innovative development models. The plan has been created to accelerate housing construction and meet the needs of Queensland’s rapidly growing population.

In conjunction with the land leasing initiative, the government will invest $350 million to establish an Infrastructure Infill Fund, specifically targeting private infill developments. Premier Steven Miles emphasised the importance of these developments being well-located and close to essential amenities like schools and healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, the government will pilot a ground lease model to facilitate the creation of social and affordable housing on surplus government land. This initiative aims to unlock housing opportunities and promote housing diversity in urban areas. An inclusionary planning pilot program will also be implemented to educate developers on adopting inclusive planning models, targeting suburbs such as Varsity Lakes, Pimlico, and Mango Hill.

The Homes for Queenslanders plan also allocates $160 million to support the rental market and $390 million for homelessness services, including establishing eight new youth foyers to assist young people at risk of homelessness.

Mango Hill
Photo Credit: StevenMiles/Facebook

“A key pillar of the Homes for Queenslanders plan is building more homes faster,” Mr Miles said

“The Infrastructure Infill Fund, combined with initiatives like the Ground Lease Delivery Model, will deliver more housing options in demand areas – close to schools, transport and healthcare.

“This funding is in direct response to the feedback we’ve received from industry.

“My government is listening, and we want to work together to get the job done.

“As Queensland grows, so must our approach to partnering with industry players to unlock more social and affordable homes.”

Minister for Housing Meaghan Scanlon highlighted the government’s commitment to partnering with the private sector to enhance housing supply and affordability. The ground lease model is expected to attract new investors into the housing market, fostering increased supply, including social and affordable housing options.

Industry stakeholders welcomed the government’s initiatives, recognising the potential to expedite housing delivery and reduce costs. The Queensland Property Council and the Planning Institute of Australia commended the government’s efforts to promote housing diversity and support urban infill development.

Published 11-March-2024

Kallangur Resident Celebrates Life-Changing Win

It was a life-altering moment for a Kallangur woman when news of an unexpected windfall of nearly half a million dollars arrived on an ordinary Sunday.

On 4 February 2024, the woman from Kallangur experienced the shock of her life when she discovered she had won the jackpot prize amounting to a staggering $442,606.90.

The call from an official confirming her win prompted an ecstatic reaction, highlighting the surreal nature of her newfound fortune.

The winner’s immediate response was one of sheer astonishment. Recounting the moment, she described how a casual afternoon turned into a pivotal life event. 

Initially thinking she had matched eight out of nine numbers, she was overwhelmed upon realising the actual extent of her win. The news was met with joy and plans for the future, emphasising the life-changing impact of her win.

With a significant sum now at her disposal, the Kallangur local looks forward to enjoying some “serious fun” and embarking on a holiday, enhancing her travel with extra spending money. Beyond leisure, she sees this win as an opportunity to secure a prosperous future for herself and her family, encapsulating the essence of her incredible luck.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The winning ticket was purchased at Kallangur Tavern, a venue that has witnessed its fair share of wins. Sarah Lewis, a spokesperson for the tavern, shared the communal excitement such wins bring, fostering a positive atmosphere and making it a topic of conversation for many. Familiar with celebrating wins, the tavern extends its best wishes to the lucky winner.

In 2023, Keno players in Queensland celebrated wins totalling over $1 billion, with 21 individuals becoming millionaires or multi-millionaires. This broader context underscores the widespread appeal and potentially life-changing impact of participating in Keno, now more accessible than ever through mobile apps in selected regions.

Published 25-February-2024

Future Collegiates Thrive for Moreton Bay Raptors Gridiron Club

The Moreton Bay Raptors gridiron club is bursting with exceptional young talents primed for college football careers. Several key players have put up impressive stats in the first part of the season.

Dominant running threats

Running back Lennox Samoa is a force for the Raptors offence. He has averaged over 100 rushing yards per game. Samoa has also contributed defensively at end with multiple sacks.

Joining Samoa in the backfield is the hard-charging Lychen Newick-Matthews. Lining up at running back or linebacker, Newick-Matthews has already topped 100 rushing yards in multiple games.

Standout quarterback

Quarterback and tight end Viliami Taufa directs the Raptors offence with poise beyond his years. Despite intense pressure, he maintains an excellent completion percentage. Taufa has also thrown for double digit touchdowns, consistently finding his targets downfield.

Playmakers on defence

Anchoring the Raptors secondary is safety Preston Harris. Already with several interceptions and over 100 return yards, Harris makes game-changing plays. Cornerback Takala Utura has been just as impactful, also recording multiple interceptions to confound opposing quarterbacks.

At linebacker, Hunter Harris-Whan sets the tone with his tireless effort and technique. Defensive end Tupou Liku generates constant pressure with multiple sacks and tackles for loss.

Unsung heroes in the trenches

Center Joseph Fairhall and guard Denzael Toki-Mautairi provide pivotal blocking and protection to enable the Raptors rushing attack and passing game. Their perfect snaps and communication with Taufa allow the offence to operate smoothly.

Several promising rookies like AJ Maka and Darrius Vailua also contribute on the lines for a well-rounded squad. With this wealth of talent producing results, the future is bright for Moreton Bay Raptors football.

Published 20-January-2024

Puppy ‘Davey’ Named for Late Deception Bay Officer Nears Completion of Guide Dog Training

Did you know that Davey, a puppy named in honour of late Senior Constable Dave Masters of the Queensland Police, is nearing the end of his formal training at Guide Dogs Queensland?

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Now 19 months old, Davey recently had the chance to visit with Dave Master’s family and colleagues at the Deception Bay Police Station. Everyone was happy to see how much Davey has grown and developed since first meeting him as a puppy.

Davey the pup with Dave’s son Jack ((Photo credit: Guide Dogs Australia/Facebook)

Sharon Masters, Dave’s wife, remarked how special it was to watch Davey transform from a sensitive, loving puppy into a smart and mature dog that has reached this important milestone whilst still retaining his sweet nature.

Constable Jo Arthur, Senior Constable Dave’s colleague, said Dave would have been extremely proud and honoured to have such a special dog named after him. She added that for the officers at Deception Bay, seeing Davey the future guide dog again was particularly meaningful.

Dave’s son Jack, and his wife Sharon with officers of Deception Bay Police Station (Photo credit: Guide Dogs Australia/Facebook)

Senior Constable David Masters was fatally injured whilst attempting to stop a speeding stolen vehicle on the Bruce Highway at Burpengary. At 3:00 a.m. on Saturday the 26th of June 2021, Constable Masters deployed road spikes across the highway to try to halt the driver. However, the driver swerved and struck Constable Masters, tragically killing him.

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Dave’s family and colleagues were grateful to be able to follow Davey’s training journey and wished him the best of luck on his final evaluation. They thanked Guide Dogs Australia for allowing them to be a part of Davey’s story and giving them this opportunity to remember Dave.

Once Davey completes his training and becomes a certified guide dog in 2024, he will be out working in and around the community that his namesake Senior Constable Dave Masters did during his policing career. 

Published 18-January-2024

Narangba Nursery Hits the Market as Owners Embark on New Chapter

Narangba Nursery, a thriving 2-hectare plant nursery, has recently hit the market, marking the end of an era for its owners, Andrew and Melody Greenhow. 

Since its inception in 2017 at 481 Narangba Rd, the nursery has witnessed a remarkable 30 per cent annual growth in sales. The Greenhows, who have poured their heart and soul into nurturing this enterprise from the ground up, are now bidding farewell to their beloved establishment for personal reasons.

A Bittersweet Decision

The Greenhows, who have garnered a loyal customer base over the years, made the heartfelt announcement on Thursday, revealing their intention to sell the nursery. They disclosed that expressions of interest were already pouring in and that they were eager to proceed with a sale as swiftly as possible to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

“Because this is a sale of a business/land/property due to a relationship breakdown (divorce) we both want to settle and sell this asap. We will be selling as a working business,”  the former couple disclosed.

Notably, the nursery had recently been offering an enticing 50 percent discount on its products to clear out existing stock. However, after consulting with their real estate team, the Greenhows decided to halt this generous promotion. Andrew and Melody Greenhow reassured their customers. 

“We will still have outstanding prices that beat the competition but just putting a stop to the 50 percent off insanity.”

“We are very sad as this is an end of an era for us but it’s best for both of us to do this. We have literally built this up from absolutely nothing to something quite amazing. Just imagine working from home to this picturesque land working with plants and making a great income doing it. A once in a lifetime experience but sadly one dream we have to let go of.”

Photo Credit: Narangba Nursery

A Unique Offering

The five-acre Narangba Nursery is advertised as flood-free land and comes equipped with high-speed satellite internet, a four-bedroom house with a rumpus room, a $70,000 tractor, a spacious powered shed, a 13-meter deck, a large pergola within the nursery, two dams that maintain water levels year-round to an impressive seven to eight meters, and a 38-meter deep water bore boasting “virtually unlimited clean salt-free water.”

Narangba Nursery has been recognised for its specialisation in growing native and exotic plants known for their value as providers and pollinators, with a focus on offering an extensive range of native and fruit trees.

Customers and well-wishers have flooded the Greenhows’ announcement with supportive comments. One person wished them “the best of luck for a speedy resolution,” while another expressed gratitude for the trees purchased from the nursery, which will continue to flourish in Narangba for years to come.

Published 16-Jan-2024

Empowering Individuals with Disabilities: New Home Construction Underway in Petrie

A new residence, currently under construction in Petrie, aims to enhance the quality of life of four individuals with disabilities. This project, led by the Endeavour Foundation, is designed to adhere to the national Livable Housing Design guidelines’ platinum standard, ensuring a space that caters to their unique needs.

Amelia Salmon, the Head of Property Development at the Endeavour Foundation, states that this initiative is part of the foundation’s ongoing My Home My Life program, launched in 2020. 

Since its inception, the program has allocated over $30 million towards the construction and renovation of more than 60 residential properties, including houses, townhouses, and duplexes, benefiting more than 500 individuals with disabilities.

What sets this project apart is the contribution of a generous family who donated the land upon which the Petrie home is being built.

The Petrie home, expected to be completed by the middle of the year, will feature four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Its design ensures accessibility for individuals with varying abilities, including those who rely on electric or manual wheelchairs. Additionally, it will offer essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, high-speed internet, and an open-plan kitchen with side-opening ovens and electric height-adjustable benchtops. Safety measures include fire sprinklers to provide residents with sufficient time to evacuate during emergencies.

Petrie, Endeavour Foundation, My Home My Life
Photo Credit: Endeavour Foundation

The My Home My Life program is centred around fostering independence while providing on-site support. While most furnishings will be supplied by the Endeavour Foundation, residents are encouraged to bring their personal belongings to make the space their own.

The selection of residents for the Petrie home will be determined through an expressions of interest process. 

To learn more about the Supported Independent Living home at Petrie or to lodge an expression of interest, please visit the provided link. The Endeavour Foundation’s mission is to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Published 12-Jan-2023