Design For New Narangba Depot Precinct Unveiled

Construction will soon be underway for the Narangba Depot Precinct, a multi-million dollar project that includes a new works depot with intersection and road upgrade at Boundary Road.

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Moreton Bay Regional Council has invested $34.3-million for the project, expecting that the move will help meet the current and future needs of Council staff and the Moreton Bay Region, as well as improve response times to requests by building a major works depot in the heart of the region.

The consolidation of three old works depots at Petrie, Burpengary and Deception Bay into one facility is expected to help reduce maintenance and operational costs in the region.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the new facility, which could accommodate up to 300 Council staff, is part of the Council’s preparation for the growth of Moreton Bay. 

“In less than 15 years, this region will have a greater population than Tasmania, and a greater demand for essential services,” Mayor Flannery said.

Designed by PDT Architects, the precinct includes a new three-storey office building, a warehouse, store, workshop with space for 10 vehicle bays, wash bay with four wash bays and two vacuum bays, a fuel station, a pump house and services building.

“The architectural approach to ensure optimal performance was to review orientation opportunity, to mitigate unnecessary heat gain and glare into office spaces, in particular, and further to the workshop, store and warehouse to improve internal environment and working conditions for all staff across the Depot,” said PDT Architects.

Part of this upgrade will include the construction of a new intersection to provide safe entry and exit points into the new depot. It also includes the rehabilitation of approximately 950m of Boundary Road to improve the surface before the new facility opens.

ADCO Constructions has been awarded to do the project. Depending on weather and construction conditions, the new facility is expected to open in mid-2023.

Large Public Park Planned for North Lakes Golf Course Residential Development

The managing director of a future retirement village planned at the former North Lakes Golf Course has revealed that the majority of the 68-hectare property will become a public park, whilst only 12 hectares will be used for the dwelling and aged care accommodation.

Justin Harrison of the Village Retirement Group (VRG), who bought the controversial property in 2019, said that the potential construction of the retirement facility will still include plenty of green spaces. His statement comes after North Lakes locals have been protesting the golf course’s closure and the replacement of the fairways as an aged care site full of buildings. 

From Lensworth to Stockland to VRG

In 2000, Lensworth owned and managed the land where the North Lakes Golf Course was established and developed a master plan for the suburb. This included building an exclusive residential site within an 18-hole championship golf course.

A few years later, Lensworth became part of the property developer, Stockland, in an $846-million acquisition deal. Property owners living within the surrounds of the North Lakes Golf Course said that they were attracted to Stockland’s marketing pitch of owning a home that sits within the view of the green fairways. 

Later, Stockland sold the course to a private operator, Global Sports North Lakes, whilst the site continued to be a community hub. In 2019, the golf course was abruptly closed as residents were shocked to learn that Global Sports sold the land to JH Northlakes, Mr Harrison’s aged care development firm, and then officially closed the fairways in August that same year.

Retirement Village Review Process

Dave Laner, the general manager of Stockland Queensland, said they were made aware of the intention to sell the property at the same time as the residents, triggering a review process with the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the stakeholders.

The Council consulted an independent legal time to determine whether it’s feasible to have a retirement village as opposed to sticking to an original plan to have an exclusive residential precinct in the golf course.

The residents, some of whom have formed the Save North Lakes Golf Course group, have been hoping that the golf course will be retained, as it was originally part of the master plan for the suburb.

Today, however, that green space has been riddled with weeds as VRG could not proceed with the development due to the protests, consultations, and discussions with Moreton Bay Regional Council on the future of the site. 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Ropiha/Google Maps

However, Mr Harrison acknowledged that the residents continue to use the space even though it is privately owned, thus highlighting the need for a public park.

Following a series of legal consultations, the Council declared in March 2021 that a retirement village project could proceed on the said site. VRG, however, has not yet lodged a development application with Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

Mr Harrison said that their next important step was to turn over part of the land to the Council and his company would be meeting with concerned officials to discuss the process.

Locals Say No to Approved Housing Development in Deception Bay

A plan to develop a paddock into a subdivision has met a storm of opposition from Deception Bay residents. 

The subject site, located at 33 Joseph Crescent and 46 Bancroft Terrace, has been earmarked for housing as part of Tricrest Developments and Makepaar Pty Ltd’s plan to develop a range of dwelling options.

Local homeowners oppose reconfiguring two lots into 35 lots, citing traffic, noise, and possible effects on property prices.

“This project for reconfiguration to provide for 35 residential lots on this low lying ground has many adverse consequences both to the environment and to residents in Joseph Crescent and Beach road. Moreover, it adds to congestion; impedes traffic; reduces benefits from development of the fisheries complex and does nothing to aid quality of life in the community,” residents wrote in a petition containing multiple signatures. 

Proposed subdivision (Photo credit:

Concept Plan

Located in an established low-density residential setting, the 32,789sqm site is on the northern side of Bancroft Terrace and western side of Joseph Crescent. A report prepared by I.B. Town Planning on behalf of the applicants states that site is relatively clear of significant vegetation. 

Based on the original plan, the subdivision will feature a mix of lot sizes, ranging from 350sqm to 1910sqm. Twenty of the proposed 39 lots are less than 600sqm in area. It is proposed that the existing house located on Lot 9 be retained in the north-western corner of the property.

The building height will be 8.5 metres and 2 storeys, in compliance with the Caboolture Shire Plan. Each lot will be accessed via a new dedicated 16m wide road reserve connecting to Joseph Crescent on the eastern side of the property.

Aerial photo of the site (Photo credit:

Despite receiving 11 submissions and a petition with more than 80 signatures, Moreton Bay Regional Council approved the proposed subdivision. 

In response to outstanding matters, the applicants state that the lot sizes will maintain an area of at least 600 sqm around the perimeter of the subject site with all other lot sizes in the development being at least 400sqm in size. The subdivision maintains a total of 35 residential lots consistent with the version advertised during the public notification stage of the application.

For more information about this approved development in Deception Bay, see 2017 / 34780 / V34R.

DA Objection List Now Up to Save North Lakes Golf Course

Residents continue to oppose a retirement village proposed for North Lakes Golf Course, this time thru a DA Objection List.

The online form was initiated by Save North Lakes Golf Course (SNLGC), a group of locals opposing the closure. As part of the DA Objection process, they need to identify as many people as possible who are potentially willing to submit an objection to the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) against the proposed redevelopment.  

The group believes North Lakes Golf Course is far more than just a golf course. It also serves as the focal point of a thriving community that boasts a population of over 25,000 residents.

“It provides an essential environmental buffer zone through the central corridor of our community. It has also become home to a variety of wildlife including Koalas and Kangaroos and is a vital channel for flood waters to escape,” the organisation wrote in their page.

SNLGC believes there are far more viable uses to the golf course instead of selling it to developers, like maintaining it for present and future generations. 

About the Golf Course

Located 25 kilometres north of Brisbane, the golf course opened for play in November 2002 as the centrepiece of a fully planned community.

Graham Marsh, one of the leading Australian professional golfers of his generation, created its par-72 layout. He kept Lake Eden, the natural waterways on the site and enhanced it to become a feature of the course.

Plans for North Lakes Golf Course

In 2018, the Club’s management discussed selling 11ha of its land to The Village Retirement Group to build a 200-unit low-rise retirement village and a three-storey aged care facility following its closure because of financial losses.

The remaining 57ha of land would be kept for open space, environmental protection and possible sports and recreation facilities for the community, something that proponents of the plan and those supporting it have also pointed out.

If you are against this development, you can fill up the online form here  to register your interest regarding lodgement of DA Objections to rezoning and redevelopment of the golf course. 

Aside from signing the objection form, the group has urged residents to join their Facebook page, as well as share and like their FB posts to create awareness.

North Lakes Blues Netball Club Secures $1M for its Own Courts

The North Lakes Blues Netball Club will no longer have to rent courts for training after securing $1 million from the Federal budget, which will be used for putting forward their much-needed clubhouse and courts.

Club president Samantha Malopito said it would take a year to plan and six months to build, with the $1-M enough to cover most of the cost.

The club wanted four courts and a clubhouse on vacant land at the Kinsellas Sports Complex in Innovation Place, but the Moreton Bay Regional Council now has no choice because they have to put something in their 2019-2020 budget.

Federal LNP MP for Petrie Luke Howarth led the petition to support the Netball Club and North Lakes Eels Australian Football Club, getting more than 600 signatures for it.

Like the netball club, the football club will also receive money from the Federal budget, an amount of $263,000 which will be used for lighting.

“Sporting infrastructure in particular is important because to be part of a team, to keep fit and healthy has such a positive impact on people, whether we’re talking about kids or adults. Sport brings people together,” Mr Howarth said.

Mr Howarth said North Lakes doubled in population in the past few years and has a massive shortage of sporting facilities. Apart from supporting sports clubs, he has been so vocal and strongly against the sale of North Lakes Golf Course.

“We want to make sure the council doesn’t rezone that sport and recreational facility to residential aged care. The new courts for the Blues will be great for young girls and women who play netball,” Mr Howarth said.

About the North Lakes Blues Netball Club

The club is a non-for-profit organisation and has been in existence in its current format for over 10 years. The club now has 25 teams ranging from under 8 to competitive and social seniors.

All committee members are unpaid and volunteer their services for the benefit of club members. Players can play for the club if they are born 2012 or earlier.  

Younger players can register directly with Pine Rivers Netball Association to participate in their skills training sessions run on Saturday mornings at PRNA courts.

Development Starts on North Lakes MIxed-use Housing for Young People with High Physical-Care Needs

Work on a mixed-use housing development in North Lakes, intended for young people with high physical-care needs, has officially commenced with the sod-turning ceremony held on 27 March 2019.

Non-for-profit organisation Youngcare, in partnership with the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, is set to deliver North Lake’s first integrated housing development by 2020.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane will fund the design and construction as well as purchase the land which will then be leased to Youngcare.

Youngcare CEO Anthony Ryan said that the development is an essential step forward “in putting an end to young people with a disability being left behind in inappropriate and unacceptable accommodation due to a lack of suitable housing options.”

Photo Credit: Youngcare /

The development follows Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher’s recent announcement of a national action plan aimed at reducing the number of young people with a disability in aged care.

“There are currently around 2,500 young Queenslanders with high care needs living in inappropriate accommodation like aged care, hospital rooms and institutionalised housing, with more than 200 living in the Moreton Bay Region,” Mr Ryan said.

“By working with the Moreton Bay Regional Council and Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane to build an integrated development at North Lakes, we can make a real difference in the lives of young people in our community who deserve to live where and how they want,” Mr Ryan said.

The complex will feature seven two-bedroom accessible apartments with onsite and around-the-clock care to cater to the individual needs of its residents. At the ground floor will feature a café, rehabilitation therapy tenancies, and retail outlets.

“The mix of uses is designed to engage the external community, create vibrancy and ensure that young people with high care needs are fully integrated in a true community, avoiding isolation and segregation,” the Youngcare’s website said.

New Primary School Flexi Campus to Open in Deception Bay Soon

The development application for a new primary school flexi campus at 45 Grosvenor Terrace, Deception Bay just received a green-light.

Edmund Rice Education Australia received an approval from the Moreton Bay Regional Council to push through with their proposed development, which will be called the Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre.

Designed by Carol Dowd Architect, the soon-to-rise Deception Bay FLC will have two small classrooms to cater to primary aged students along with a 37.5-sqm general learning area, 14-sqm kitchen, and an 11-sqm “quiet room.”

Deception Bay Flexi Campus principal Paul Flanders said the flexi school was proposed in response to numerous inquiries about places for students that were expelled or unable to cope in mainstream primary school.

Mr Flanders is confident that the Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre model can put these children, who are at risk of turning to a life of crime and drugs, back on the right track.

The learning centre will follow the existing flexi campuses’ model, which revolves around respect, honesty, participation, and safe and legal. The flexi school will also ensure that students are well fed by providing breakfast and lunch every day.

Meanwhile, Edmund Rice Education Australia has not confirmed if they will stick to the originally planned opening of the flexi campus in June 2019.

Once open, the primary school will cater to students Years 5 and 6 and will operate between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Taco Bell Set to Open a New Store in North Lakes

North Lakes will soon have its own Taco Bell outlet following Moreton Bay Regional Council’s approval of the development application on 120 Flinders Parade.

Photo credit: Facebook/Taco Bell Australia

After the successful opening of their store in Annerley, the US fast food giant is set to expand across Southeast Queensland.  Their plan is open more Taco Bell fast-food outlets in the area.

Photo credit: Facebook/Taco Bell Australia

Plans for Taco Bell North Lakes include a drive-through, parking for 18 vehicles, a 35-sqm outdoor dining area, and 250 sqm of internal dining.

Tenders for the new outlet were closed on 4 July 2018, and according to an online notice board which called for tenders for the fast food chain, the cost for the construction of the store may reach up to $3 million.

Photo credit: Facebook/Taco Bell Australia

Taco Bell in Annerley has been a huge hit to locals as the tex-mex fast-food outlet offers free WiFi, charging ports at each table, and unlimited drink refills.

For North Lakes residents eager to find out when the store will open, there is no timeline yet for the project.


Assessment of Tenders for North Lakes Smart Car Parking Project Completed

In Round One of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, $450,000 has been granted by the Australian Government to North Lakes for its Smart Parking project.

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Following Moreton Bay Regional Council‘s calls for tenders for the design, installation, and operation of the system, a total of three tenders were received by the Council for the project. The tender process closed on 12 December 2017.

The tender for the North Lakes Activity Centre Smart Car Parking Trial Design, Implement, and Operate project was discussed in a coordination committee meeting held on 27 February 2018.

In the report of the coordination committee meeting endorsed to the council, officers have recommended that the contract for the project be awarded to Telstra Pty Ltd  for the sum of $479,865.80 (excluding GST).

Smart Parking Trial Area Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Tender process

Amongst the three tenders submitted to the council, Telstra was the only one who submitted a comprehensive tender. Given their relevant experience in providing the technology needed for the smart parking project, it is no surprise that they were chosen to deliver the project.

Other companies who submitted a tender but were deemed non-conforming were Frogparking Pty Ltd who was deemed non-conforming due to incomplete submission and Smarter Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (STS) who were not invited to submit a full tender following the Expression of Interest process.

Two more aspects of this project will be delivered under separate contracts to ensure the accuracy of the technology. These are the CCTV of the smart car parking spots and the establishment of a Smart City data platform.

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / chrisjmit / Pixabay

Project funding

The total value of the project as stated in the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program is $900,000 where $450,000 was granted by the Australian government and the remaining $450,000 will be co-contributed by the local government.

So far, the tender price for the project is $ 479,865.80 with contingency funds of five percent and a QLeave of $2,800.00. The total project cost is currently at $ 506,659.09. The remaining budget is set to be used for CCTV installation and the development of a Smart City Data Platform.

Benefits of the Project

Once completed, the project will improve traffic congestion associated with the introduction of pay parking at the North Lakes shopping centre. It will free up short-term parking spots, allowing residents easier access to parking for surrounding businesses. The proposed app and signage will also make it much simpler to navigate to a free parking spot.

North Lakes’ FlowBiz Working for Better Mobile Coverage across Moreton Bay

The Moreton Bay Regional Council has teamed up with FlowBiz, a small-to-medium enterprise based in North Lakes, to identify which areas across Moreton Bay have problematic mobile coverage. Through this partnership, the council aims to provide better mobile infrastructure across the region’s rural and remote areas.

Mayor Allan Sutherland explained that most of the residents and workers in remote areas are experiencing blackspots despite previous budgets that have been allocated to address the problem.

“We have more than 25,000 businesses in Moreton Bay, and it’s simply unfair for those businesses in rural areas – our farmers and agri-businesses – to have to put up with sub-par mobile connections. It’s also not just businesses that suffer, it’s local residents who struggle to get a phone signal to make important calls or stay in touch with loved ones”, Mayor Sutherland said during the announcement.

Flowbiz is a company that provides unique and customisable technological solutions. For its partnership with the Moreton Bay Regional Council, the company will utilise mobile app technology.

This mobile app will be installed on the phones and tablet devices of council maintenance crews. The crews shall then periodically test the mobile signal strength in the area, relay their information to Flowbiz which will later on use the data to categorize and mapped out the areas with the sub-par connections. This map will be made available for the public.

Flowbiz CEO Terry Sinkinson explained that all members of the community can in fact participate in this initiative. All they have to do is download the free app from SigMap. The app will get accurate data from mobile telephone carriers as it records changes in signals whilst the users go from one place to another. In an instant that the app detects a low signal, it automatically sends this data to the SigMap server. All data retrieved will be utilised for the initiative and subsequently for officials to decide either to troubleshoot the existing mobile infrastructure or build an entirely new mobile tower.